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Dutch mortgage calculator

New home

A mortgage is crucial when purchasing a new home. The maximum amount a mortgage lender is willing to lend is an essential factor when determining your options. Are you looking to buy a house in the Netherlands and exploring your options? By using Finsens’ Dutch mortgage calculator you receive an estimate of your maximum possible mortgage. The calculator takes various factors into account, to provide you with an as accurate estimation as possible. Your monthly mortgage costs will also be calculated.

Mortgage calculator for mortgages in the Netherlands

The Dutch mortgage calculator provides you with relevant information that will give you a clue as to how much you will be able to lend. The calculator will estimate, based on the information provided, the maximum possible mortgage, as well as the monthly costs. For this you need to fill in your gross net income, as well as the gross net income of a potential spouse. Also, it needs the purchase price of your house, your own input and information on the type of mortgage you wish for.


An accurate estimation

When all the relevant information is provided, the mortgage calculator will calculate an accurate estimation of potential mortgages in the Netherlands. It will calculate the monthly costs and also give an overview of the sharpest interest rates and mortgage lenders.

Independent financial advice

As an independent mortgage advisor, Finsens has over 25 years of experience in consulting on mortgages. The company is based in Amsterdam and provides objective and independent advice. This means the consultants are not bound to any mortgage lender. As such, they provide advice that solely has your best interests in mind.


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Looking for more information. Contact Finsens via +31 (0)20 262 43 50 to discuss the outcome of the mortgage calculator with a mortgageadvisor, as well as the various possibilities.